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Is it Perfectionism or People Pleasing Behavior or Anxiety or Is It Really a Coping Mechanism?

by Lois Zsarnay, LMFT, BCPC, RD

People often come in with a pattern of thinking and viewing their world that creates problems for them in their life and in their relationships. When we think we need to be perfect or do everything right or make everyone happy, then we will naturally feel pressure to perform at an unrealistic level which then creates an anxious feeling and fear of not being able to live up to those unrealistic expectations we have put upon ourselves.

Family relationship conflicts, unrealistic expectations or the family we choose with radical acceptance

by Lois Zsarnay, LMFT, BCPC, RD

I often have clients who come in for counseling because they are having conflicts or relationship issues with their family members. Sometimes they say, "I just don't have anyone else but they're not there for me either!" I reflect to them that they can choose how they define "family." Who would they choose to be "family" if they could choose?