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Couples marriage or relationship counseling with Ventura Therapist Lois Zsarnay, LMFT, BCPC, RD

by Lois Zsarnay, LMFT, BCPC, RD

One of my favorite types of clients to work with is couples so I thought I would blog on some of the common struggles I often see in couple’s sessions at my therapy office in Ventura. Relationships of any kind are complex and constantly changing. Our relationship with our “Significant Other” or spouse is often one of the most challenging. Whether a couple is married or living together or dating, the relationship goes through normal phases of change as well as each person in the relationship is growing and changing over the months or years of the relationship. In an ideal world, everyone who is considering being in a serious relationship would come in for some foundation counseling to explore what each person’s expectations are and how they communicate their needs or wants to each other. There are some common areas where conflicts and discord often develop so the first in this series will be exploring the expectations part.