Lois Zsarnay

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

by Lois Zsarnay, LMFT, BCPC, RD

So Cognitive Behavioral Therapy usually works best with individuals although it could be with a couple. Cognitive therapy is about what you think and then the behavior of what you do because of those thoughts.  People don’t even realize that their thoughts are driving it, and a lot of times people are saying “would-of, should-of, could-of” done this, but I didn’t.  and they can’t get themselves to do what they should do; and maybe they are even shooting themselves to death.  And so we really look on what is the thought process, is that thought valued or not and how is that thought translated to behavior.  If you want to change the behavior you have to change the thought because that behavior is the symptom and we have to go look for cause and what is underneath that.  So that is what we do with Cognitive Behavioral.