Lois Zsarnay


by Lois Zsarnay, LMFT, BCPC, RD

So when I am working with people who have addiction or addictive behavior; sometimes the process addition like gambling, photography, eating disorder, or shopping but then there is the chemical addiction, and that could be drugs or alcohol, it can be prescription drugs or street drugs.  No matter what it is they all have something in common, a person has a difficult time finding moderation in life.  Really a lot of times just trying to self medicate or deal with what is going on underneath.  My job is to come along beside them to find out what is driving that.  Why do they keep doing this behavior and help them learn skills they need to deal with it.  A lot of times it is an emotion regulation and distress tolerance they are really low on.  I give them homework, we work on that and the next thing you know they are finding a better balance in their life.  So give me a call is you are starting any addictive behaviors.