So when I am working with Adolescent one of my favorite groups to work with.  Its very challenging but its so rewarding.  A lot of times the family is having trouble, the adolescent could be doing too much gaming, online gaming or they could not be doing well in school.  They have failing grades, class, they are cutting class, using drugs or alcohol or they are oppositional or defiant, they won’t do what the parents are asking them to do or they are breaking the rules all the time.  That creates chaos in the whole family and it is rewarding to work with those adolescents and help the family come together.  That is one situation where we start with the adolescent but we have to bring the whole family in eventually.  So our job as a parent is defined and the job of the adolescent is defined.  Our goal is to help this young person to grown up and become a productive well adjusted content member of society.  So that is what I do.

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