So depression is one of those interesting things some people come in and are ( my grandmother use to call “melancholy”) just kind of sad,  you know like a Eeyore  Oh…K…, really flat.  They  just don’t have a lot of energy that can be from childhood, sometimes genetic.  The brain just doesn’t have the electricity in the neurons and the neuro transmitters.  At times that comes on very gradual so the people don’t know this and then one day “ I just can’t get myself to do anything”.  Thats where depression gets really serious.  The key is to get help as soon as you can.  Explore if medication or therapy will work.  You have that choice both can work together or singularly.  So if you are feeling its kind of hard to push yourself to do the normal things of life its  time to reach out and get that help soon so you can get back to contentment and happiness.

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