Online Counseling

I do a lot of online counseling just like the nature of my practice.  A lot of my clients are adolescents and also people are mobile these days, we move so many times and sometimes you build that relationship with your therapist or counselor and you just don’t want to start all over again telling the whole story because we get that.   We know them so they don’t have to explain everything over again so if the client is comfortable with that then we would do online counseling with either skype or facetime or on the phone, and if they are in town by all means we do face to face.  But once we get to know them it can be very effective and it can give them the support for example “my adolescent is leaving for college” and that just helps them to go through that process and they know that they still have somebody at the other end of the phone that they can call or they can do text or email me.  I do text a lot.

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